In partnership with Friends of Alta and Alta Environmental Center, Tracy Aviary is working on several bird monitoring projects at Alta, UT. We offer multiple opportunities throughout the year for members of the public to join us on bird walks, monitoring surveys, and nest box checks. Here are some upcoming opportunities:

Hike Alta to Study nesting songbirds


Hike Alta Ski Area alongside Tracy Aviary biologists to monitor songbird and owl nest boxes. These checks are part of the Alta Nest Box Monitoring Project, a study of birds that use hollows in trees and branches to nest. In these hikes, you will learn how songbirds and owls are studied and how information on nesting birds can inform conservation efforts in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

  • Alta Nest Box Monitoring Project: Thursdays in July at 12-2pm

  • Alta Nest Box Monitoring Project: Saturdays in July at 2-4pm




Walk and talk

Join Tracy Aviary and Alta Environmental Center at Alta Ski Area for an informative and fascinating presentation on the birds of Alta. Participants will also be updated on the partnered Alta Breeding Bird Survey Project. The event will include light breakfast items and a wonderfully quaint Sunnyside lift ride and tour through Albion Basin visiting some birding hot spots. Meet at the Wildcat base area at 9am.

Pre-Registration is required.

Learn more on the Facebook event or the Alta Ski Area website.


Non-Breeding Bird Surveys

Mondays on Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 11

Join Tracy Aviary and the Alta Environmental Center in studying resident birds of Little Cottonwood Canyon. These are birds that do not come to the canyon exclusively to breed, nest, and raise chicks. Unlike birds that move from one place to another between a breeding and a non-breeding season, these birds are able to find the resources they need to survive in the mountains throughout the entire year. On these walks, you will join state experts in Utah birds to listen for and look for resident birds.