A majority of migratory songbirds migrate at night, and light pollution from cities can cause these birds to become disoriented and drawn down among buildings where they collide with lighted windows and structures. It is estimated that between 365 million and 1 billion birds die in these collisions each year in North America alone. In 2017, a team of citizen scientist found 44 birds representing 19 different species that had collided with buildings in downtown Salt Lake during migration. Luckily, there is an easy solution:

Turn out unnecessary lights between the hours of 11pm-6am during peak bird migration times: March-May, and August-October.


How to Participate

Are you a business or building owner?

✓Join other businesses and building owners participating in Lights Out Salt Lake by turning off all unnecessary lighting in your building between 11pm-6am during March- May and August- October. Turn off outdoor lights on parking lots and pathways, and turn off indoor lights that shine through windows. Sign up by taking the Lights Out Pledge.

Are you a local resident?

✓Join your neighbors and pledge to participate in Lights Out Salt Lake by turning off all outdoor lights on your home (such as porch lights and path lighting) between 11pm-6am during March-May and August- October. When you use lights in your home at night, shield indoor light from shining outside by drawing the blinds. Sign up by taking the Lights Out Pledge.



    Lights Out Salt Lake participants will reduce energy costs, help migrating birds, and make Salt Lake a healthier city for people! You can also help make Salt Lake dark sky friendly year round by:

    • Turning off all indoor and outdoor lights when not in use
    • Installing motion-sensors on outdoor lights
    • Using warm/white bulbs (color temperature less than 3000 K)


    Questions, comments, ideas? Contact:

    Cooper Farr, Tracy Aviary Conservation Science Program:

    Jess Dwyer, Salt Lake City Chapter of the International Dark Sky Association:


    Lights Out Salt Lake is a collaboration started by Tracy Aviary and the Salt Lake Chapter of the International Dark Sky Association. Other collaborators and participants include: Great Salt Lake Audubon, Clark Planetarium, and HawkWatch International. 

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