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Below, you can access all of the resources you'll need to conduct surveys with our Citizen Science team. These include study site maps and driving directions, training handouts, weekly practices and online quizzes, and lists of birds for each site, which can all be accessed on each of the pages in our drop down menu. Below we have some general resources about our projects and other ways that you can practice your bird identification skills. 

Tracy Aviary Citizen Science Resources

End-of-season Results Sharing Slideshow 2017

Preliminary Results Summary Sheet - 2017

List of Species for each Elevation Group

Tracy Aviary Citizen Science Handbook

Survey Protocol

Data sheet

Instructions for GPS users

Bird Code List

Indoor training presentation (Beginner)

Indoor training presentation (Advanced)

Breeding Survey Form

Non-breeding Survey Form

External Links

Here are some external resources that may be useful as you learn how to identify and survey birds:

All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology (online bird guide and other bird ID resources)

Macaulay Library (online library of bird songs and videos)

eBird (a place to upload and explore data from bird surveys collected by other citizen scientists)

Dendroica (you can explore bird pictures and songs, and build quizzes to test yourself)

Merlin ID app (a phone app that you can use to identify and learn about birds)

Xeno-Canto (a collection of bird song)

Utah Birds (a website specifically about birds and birding in Utah)

Larkwire (a game-based system for learning bird songs for purchase)

Thayer (birding software with a field guide and quizzes for purchase)